Four Weeks in Fedora

26th of October 2015, I joined Red Hat as a part of the Fedora Engineering Team. I have been contributing to the Fedora for couple of years now starting from the contributing to askbot-devel while we were gearing up for the Ask Fedora release. This year in July, I along with kushal, rtnpro, praveenkumar started working on Autocloud, as a part of the Two-Week Atomic during the Fedora 23 cycle. So, I last couple of years of I have met and worked with a lot of people in the Fedora community. »

Leaving HackerEarth

It’s very hard to write but I am leaving HackerEarth. 2013 and internship My college days were coming to an end with placements all around. I was sure to join in a startup. One fine day, I saw a job posting on hasjob on 12th December 2012 that boldly said “HackerEarth is buidling its initial team - Python/Django enthusiast needed”. The idea made me apply to HackerEarth and after a few rounds of email with Sachin and Vivek. »

Fedora Meetup 2015

Fedora July Meetup 2015 happened at Hasgeek office, Indiranagar on July 04, 2015 at 06:30 PM. Attendees: Sayan Chowdhury Ratnadeep Debnath Lalatendu Mohanty Nitish Bharadwaj Devyani Kota Praseetha KR Sharat MR Topics discussed: Introduction to Fedora and what’s new in Fedora 22 Reproduce Bugs on Vagrant(libvrt) and identify missing features Introduction to RPM Packaging Fedora Hubs It’s good to know more and more people are turning up for the meetup. I would like to thanks Hasgeek for giving us space to host our event. »

FUDCon India 2015

I spent the last weekend of June at FUDCon India. FUDCon is the Fedora Users and Developers Conference organized in different parts of the world. The last FUDCon APAC that happened in India was in 2011 which i could not attend because of my college. Being a Fedora user for 6 years now I always wanted to attend one FUDCon. FUDCon APAC this year was held at MIT College of Enginnering Pune. »

Fedora 21 Release Party, Bangalore

The Fedora Project announced the release of Fedora 21 on December 09, 2014. To celebrate the release a Fedora 21 release party was organized at Red Hat, Bangalore with the help of Archit and Humble. The event was scheduled to start at 10AM but people started coming in from 9:30AM itself. Around 40 people turned up among them a good number were college students. The release party finally started at 10:30AM by Archit who gave an introduction of Fedora. »