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PyLadies Pune Meetup - June 2017

Back after a long time. It’s been a long time since I blogged. This was mostly because I was busy with different conferences. Yes,I attended three conferences PyCon Pune, FOSSASIA, and PyCon US since the last time I blogged. I would be back writing reports on all the three events and I have a pending third and the final blog post to be done on fedimg. Now, let me rollback to the topic for which this blog post is meant to be. [Read More]

PyLadies Pune Meetup - February 2017

The PyLadies Pune February Meetup was held on 6th Feb at reserved-bit. Kushal took a session on MicroPython on the MicroBit boards. Thanks to @ntoll for sending over the MicroBits for workshops. I reached down to the venue a bit late. On reaching the venue, Kushal told me that he forgot the boards at home and I went to his place to pick the MicroBits. Most of the participants were regular participants for the meetup so Kushal took a quick course on Python. [Read More]

Redesigning fedimg (Part 2): Communication with AWS

In the previous post, I discussed what is fedimg and how it works currently. In this post, I plan to explain the issue in the current uploading process of the AMIs and how we plan to fix it. What’s the problem? fedimg boots an utility instance using the RHEL AMI configured for that region. The problem with this design is that while adding a new region we need to look for the appropriate RHEL AMI in the newer region first. [Read More]

Basic Soldering Workshop at reserved-bit

This weekend there will be a soldering workshop conducted at reserved-bit. The workshop is on 5th Feb 2017 from 10:00 - 13:00. The 3-hour workshop plans cover to the following topics Electricity basics & Ohm’s Law Electronics basics Circuit components What is a solder? More on soldering equipment Practice session Making your own circuit (Carry it home) Turns out I bought the first ticket for the workshop. I had couple of failed attempts of learning to solder due to which I usually ended going to a electrical shop to get my circuits soldered. [Read More]

Redesigning the fedimg AMI creation process - Part 1

What is fedimg? Fedimg is a Python-powered service that uploads the Fedora Cloud images on various Cloud providers. such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) . How does it currently work? Fedimg listens to fedmsg for nightly as well as the production compose builds messages. On receiving a new message, the FedimgConsumer triggers the upload process. fedimg uses fedfind to extract the metadata for the compose from where it get’s the URL for the compressed raw image files. [Read More]