PyLadies Pune Meetup - June 2017

Back after a long time. It’s been a long time since I blogged. This was mostly because I was busy with different conferences. Yes,I attended three conferences PyCon Pune, FOSSASIA, and PyCon US since the last time I blogged. I would be back writing reports on all the three events and I have a pending third and the final blog post to be done on fedimg.

Now, let me rollback to the topic for which this blog post is meant to be.

11th June 2017, PyLadies Pune organized the meetup for the month of June. The meetup started a bit late with Shilpee Chamoli taking a 101 class on Data Science. The workshop focused on installing dependencies (Jupyter, Pandas, etc), and working on a dataset on ‘survival on the Titanic’. Since few people were having trouble with installing the dependencies, Kushal and a few other people used Azure Notebooks.

Shilpee Chamoli (Picture by: Kushal Das)

Anwesha and I had recorded videos during PyCon US which had messages from Lynn Root, Ewa Jodlowska, Carol Willing, and Jackie Kazil for the PyLadies Pune group members encouraging them on progressively working ahead and helping the community grow.

Jackie Kazil

Carol Willing

Ewa Jodlowska

Lynn Root

After lunch, a mini-dev-sprint was planned where the participants would come up with a project idea. Chandan, Praveen, Kushal and me were doing the mentoring. I was mentoring a group who are planning to build a recommendation system for restaurants (as of now). Based on my experience, I shared with them on which are the important things to focus first and follow the principle “release early and release often”. On the sidelines, I was also working on my project “invento”

The meetup ended at around 5 PM in the evening, though few people stayed up late working on the project.

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